About me.

Stylised Image of me. Used Charat Yoco.

Ah, hello there! Call me Grimore! I would hope everything's going well, visitor.

Mind if I share a few things about myself? I would presume you wouldn't.

Here's the very basics:

Basic Interests


Ah, videogames. They've gone up and down, but they're quite accepted now... I think. Something for everyone, even if a lot is couched in... questionable... monetisation.

Give me platformers, maybe a racing game or 2 (I'm quite decent at those.), or just anything interesting, and I'm a happy clam. I do prefer PC or Switch.

Competitive multiplayer is both addicting and soulcrushing. I somewhat try to avoid it.

Notable Franchises/Games (In no particular order.):


A quick and easy art-form, at least at the casual level. I just use an iPhone. It's there.

Do have a Pentax K-1000 and some mid-range point and shoot digital camera, though neither have been used in... a while.

I just take what interests me. Interesting buildings, nature, birds...

I generally try to avoid having humans in my shots.


I quite enjoy drawing. Not particularly great at it.

Tend to have spurts of drawing, and that's it.

Used to go to some drawing game (my account there is linked in the Accounts section)

Notable Accounts of mine