This is a list of updates to this website, done in reverse chronological order.

31/12/2019 - The New Year's Minor Update

Changed "Return to Neocites" button to be significantly better looking.

Nothing else, unfortunately, haven't been working on this site much since the last update, unless playing and recording my thoughts on Danganronpa counts.


Added Danganrompa Let's Play to the writing section. The main page is mostly done, may add a few title images, but the Let's Play is massively incomplete.

Removed promise of NaNoWrimo content, as I didn't end up writing for it.

Removed inactive indicator on my Drawception account in the About Me section, as I have gained some activity recently.


Split blog up, primarily so it does not get really long.


Added a bowing image to 404 page. Just something I quickly cooked up myself.

May enhance later, but I kinda like the dirty style GIMP's default brush (and chosen colours) gives.


Changed Minecraft Java edition name: updated relevant section in the "about me" page.

Slightly updated 404 page wording.


Redone my pages to use Soupault. This mostly doesn't change the underlying html. What this does change is the ease in which I can change a few normally tedious aspects.

For example: the navigation system. Don't have to copy it around every time I make a change to it.

Note that the OneShot shrine remains untouched, I do not currently need Soupault's help there.

Find the tool here:

Updated index page, mainly to reword things a little.

Due to not quite having gotten the hang of Soupalt yet, I now have an ordering issue with my navigation system and my titles. Readability is unaffected, but looks slightly off

Good thing I had apparantely already altered the CSS so the BG color is now that of the title. Dislike it, but won't change for now.

Added writing section, which links to both the blog, and a new articles section. Also a misc. section, given that there will be some material coming from NaNoWrimo. How much, I am unsure of.

Altered OneShot Shrine landing page. Removed most links, except the index, as I know I won't cover this in the Soupault revolution right now. Added 1 piece of Niko fan-art. Adjusted text.

So, pretty much a huge update. Thanks to this shiny new tool automating away the navigation system. If I wasn't made aware of this by some comment to the Districts comment section, I would've eventually caved and tried to make a tool myself.


Added a page about my thoughts about the climate strikes on today. This probably reveals where I live, kinda. But it is kinda important I make the comment.

Currently only linked in the blog section, and is effectively a blog-post.


Updated Lotte Minecraft Skin. This version has enhanced shading, though still not likely the best Minecraft has ever seen.


Due to not properly testing an iFrame based nav-system, I rolled back to the last working version.

This nuked the previous changelog, and a blog entry.


Replaced mention of my dead Minecraft mod with a Minecraft skinning section in the projects page.

Currently only hosts 1 skin, Lotte Yansonn, from Little Witch Academia.

All skins are hand-crafted with decent-quality pixels.


Added blog page. Wasn't originally planning on it, then I got spooked by something. Sorry if it isn't worthwhile.

Blog updates will not appear in the changelog in future, unless there is a functionality change, which there may be.

Maybe a move to a relevant service, like Tumblr, would be the main thing I may do to the blog portion. If it doesn't wither, that is.

No nav image yet.


Added a temporary favicon to the website.

Just an adjusted version of the "About me" profile image. Not long-term, just unsure what to represent my site with.


Replaced "About me" profile image with one that does not contain eyelashes.


Finished the previously covered categories in the "basic interests" section.


Lengthened the navbar's margin. Still not enough to fill up a laptop screen, so still needs tweaking.

Made image mentioned in previous update fit in with the text. Sinned, and used inline CSS for this, but it works.

Begun update of "about me" page. Started with the basics, of course.

UPDATE: Finished basics, moved on to the interests section. Expanded both the videogames listing and the photography listing.


Made navigation section follow you while scrolling. A decent workaround for the (known to me) inability to have it extend as far down as the body.

Weirdly, the Neocities CSS editor throws up a warning for this. Was this a recent addition to the CSS standard?

Added a representation of myself to the "About Me" page. This used the "Charat Yoco" service, which is avaliable here

(Note: Site is in Japanese. Shouldn't significantly affect navigation)

Due to how late I put it in, I will improve placement of it tommorow, and likely update the "about me" page


A new month! Something's been taking my time, admittedly, so I haven't updated this website as much as I want to.

I did add my current attempt at learning Japanese to the projects section. (Yes, this took up updating time.)

This may lead to an overhaul of the "about me" page, which hasn't really been meaningfully updated since the site began.

Further plans for this month:


In yet more window dressing adjusting, I:


Redrew every navigation button, except for the OneShot "Shrine" button.



Adjusted "Last Updated" notice to be smaller.

Added credit for assets used for the "OneShot Shrine" button, and credited myself for most other assets.

Creditied Neocities for the button I used, too. Obvious, but since I am going the (extra?) mile anyways, may as well.


Added this very website to the projects page.

Adjusted CSS so that level 2 headers look similar to the level 1 header. May adjust this later.

Considering seperating each month of activity into a separate page.


Added a link back to Neocities on the index page.

Uses a poorly modified version of the "made with neocities" image that comes with the initial website


Added a note that the site is untested on mobile on the index page.

Finally got all the text elements I am currently using aligned against the navigation system.

Ideally, I would have the border extending infinitely downwards, but not sure how, except adding more padding.

In other news, added a new CSS theme, specifically for the OneShot "Shrine" landing page.

Altered text, as well, adding an additional warning about spoilers, though text is still temporary.

Adjusted landing page header to mention OneShot instead of Niko specifically.

While the first iteration will be about Niko, it is intended to expand in scope eventually.

Finally, added a rough version of the "Projects" page.


Moved the former index page to a new "About me" section, as I felt that page was not ideal for a landing page.

The current landing page is a placeholder for the minute

Nearing the point where page content will start getting updated again, just gotta fix alignment of the text and that is it.

Since update notifications revealed it, I also added a testing page 2 days ago. Just leaving it as Neocities default html for now.

Never going to be linked.

Altered 404 page to note that I can't respond as of the time of writing.


Made the navigation system left aligned and vertical.

Added placeholders for a projects page and a planned Niko "Shrine."

"shrine" in quotation marks, because I have my own idea on what those are that probably quite doesn't align with how these existed back in the day.

Explaination: What I am doing is making plenty of fan-art, and putting it on a dedicated page, somewhat fancy, intended to be more 90s-ish in asthetic than the main site

This includes a "On Little Cat Feet" midi I found that I believe to be usable for this purpose.


Started implementation of navigation system, starting with a proper navigation link to this page and the "about me" page (Currently the index page, as of writing.).

Updated 404 page, mainly to implore people to contact me (via the Neocities comment system), and to add the navigation system.


Added CSS styling, which is mostly purple. Added this page, my Minecraft Java Edition username, a "Last Updated" section, and a link to here.


Created website. Started off as a basic page, with only Neocities default CSS. Followed the Neocities tutorial.