Projects (Temporary)

I have a few projects. Here they are:

A Scarf.

My starter knitting project. Just a simple scarf.


Status: Slowly working on it.

This very website

Have wanted just... a space of my own, ever since I heard about Neocities.

Split into 2 sub-projects:

Personal Website

This is all the stuff about me, and things surrounding me. Somewhat personal, but not excessively so.

Status: Nearing completion, but there are a few minor annoyances left to deal with.

OneShot Fanpage/Shrine

Obtained this idea from a r/hobbydrama post about some sort of "shrine" community. Centers around the videogame OneShot, of course.

Status: Very incomplete. One temporary landing page is present, but that's about it

Learning Japanese

Been studying it on and off for a long time, but Japan has captured my interest more than any other country, despite its flaws.

Currently on, and have been shortly after joining Neocities.

Status: Very beginner.

Minecraft Skinning.

Little Witch Academia had a character so appealing, I decided to make a Minecraft skin of her.

This is the result of that.

There also used to be a mod here. It's gone now.

Healthy Doughnut Shop

More of an ambition, than anything, but the idea persisted for a very long time

Status: May start obtaining doughnut recipies soon, and cooking them