Some ramblings of mine. May not have a point. Made because of a spook.

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I tried VRChat for a bit today. Didn't really get anywhere with it.

I didn't exactly want to speak, and I don't have a VR headset anyways, so I used a text to voice application and a virtual microphone to send that audio to VRChat.

Really clunky, as I have to remove focus from VRChat in order to speak with anyone. And I can't hear myself. It works, though.

Really wish this was a native feature for desktop mode. I am aware it is VERY 2nd-class, but this would be of use.

VRChat rating: N/A (Haven't sufficiently experienced the community, game itself is difficult to rate, being almost entirely user-generated.)


Haloween is coming up. Spooky, I guess.

This MrBeast guy is... trying to raise money to plant lots of trees? And seemingly all the YouTubers now make tree-related content?


Also, a Sonic CD prototype has released. Actually, a bunch of them? One of them is really early, but scrubbed for some event. Would've likely had R2 on it, which is A BIG DEAL. (It's a lost zone. Seeing it in some sort of action would be very nice.)

Another of them is a month after the previous earliest known build, 510.

I'll just link to Hidden Palace and The Cutting Room Floor (TCRF).

Note: Hidden Palace link is to the front page, search for Sonic CD if you are from the future. TCRF to the general proto page. For both, the relevant protos are V0.02 and v0.51

I found out through SIIVAGUNNER of all things. The funny switch-and-bait music channel!

They had a rip called Time Warp (v0.02) - Sonic CD. I looked in the comments, and there was the news. A new prototype.

Thinking of adjusting the design of the site, or just plain old redesigning it.


Wow have I not updated this in a MONTH.

Well, I have been watching people play a weird version of UNO for... 1:44 hours.

It's 2:44. The video is on IMDB for some reason, because it is called "UNO: The Movie."

It's just a really long Lets-Play. It has 7 million views on YouTube.


I've heard about NaNoWriMo, where people have Novemember to write 50k words, for a long time.

I am not a fiction writer, and my last non-school attempt at writing it at has been long since abandoned... but I have an idea.

(If you want to know, if I remember correctly it was a MinecraftxClub PenguinxSonic the Hedgehog? Unsure about the Sonic part. I was young when I made this, and threw that story out recently, because, as it made me cringe. Not to bash similar fanworks.)

It's extremely dumb, but maybe I could make it work. Perfect for a monumental task, I guess.

OneShotxLittle Witch Academia fanfic, anyone?

If I go through with this idea, then the result will be published here, and probably at the usual fanfic haunts ( and Archive of Our Own).

Alternatively, I could treat Novemember as a "Low Effort Drawception month." Probably have a goal of 100 drawings that month, if so?

Also, bought that game I mentioned eariler, if only because I liked the idea.


This time, Little Witch Academia will not be mentioned.

Instead, my impetus for this blog post is seeing a game called "Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)" on the recents list on Steam.

Apart from sounding like a Youtube livestream title, this game is about... literally writing to other people. It seems to be angling for a therapy sort of thingo. You write your troubles, you get kind words.

I haven't bought it, and I suspect it is going to be a garbage fire, though according to reviews, there's things to miltigate that... like being unable to respond to a response. The reviews seem to be entirely positive (though there's only 36), so maybe I assume wrong about the garbage fire bit.

Early days yet, though. Early days. Hopefully their moderators can keep up.

Click on me for link to store page.


It was Lotte's birthday yesterday? Well, I guess I am now celebrating the birthday of a fictional character.

Also, review of LWA: It's good. Probably should've saved the actiony half for another full season. A 13 episode "cour" (I guess a "cour" is a half-season in the Anime community? Netflix just simply treats them like 2 seperate seasons.) is probably not enough for both Slice of Life and an actual plot. At least not how it was done here. Also, where did Lotte go during the 2nd "cour"? And most of the others, but Lotte was noticed most, being that Lotte is officially adorable. $100 adorable, judging from Nendoroid prices. (And I need to get them shipped, as I don't live in Japan, and likely never will.) I still want one, and apparantly there's a reprint happening in October. I missed the pre-order date. I'm not a collector, but uhhh... The main thing stopping me is being unable to buy from internet sources, and my wallet screaming out in pain every time I see that Nendoroid.

I really need to improve the layout of the site a bit, huh?


Watching LWA is now less of a bad idea.

That is all.

Sans is also in Smash. Can't add anything 50 billion people already said. I don't even own Smash, but what a meme. Of course, despite being a costume, Megalovania is remixed ANYWAYS.


Watching Little Witch Academia was a bad idea. It's infected my thoughts.

Not like Niko hasn't done so for the past year...

Sorry for the bloody vague-posting. Just... I'm seriously attempting to think over a cross-over between LWA and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG of all things.

A few days into the fandom, and I am already looking through fanfic. At least OneShot took time before I did that.

I haven't even completed the anime series yet, and I've already looked through the wiki.

VR game looks neat, even without the LWA part. It's about flying on brooms, and just went through a KickStarter.

The released game... Is there a "LWA: Chamber of Time: The Movie" sort of compilation on YouTube somewhere?

Game does not look to be worth $60. Would like to see how the story went.

Maybe I shouldn't look for it...

Zetris is a neat tetris bot, I guess.


Uhh... Lotte is uhhh... ADORABLE?!?!?!

I've gotten into Minecraft skinning because of her. I was planning on adding sub-pages for the projects page anyways, then Little Witch Academia had to be like "here's a cute nerd girl, now go!" Christ, it is making me want a Nendoroid. I haven't even finished "season 1" yet.

Gah. Now there's two characters I want merchanise for. Niko from OneShot, and now Lotte. I may have a problem. At least I can make a plush, maybe. And also Minecraft skins.

Thanks, Studio Trigger. Thanks. Also Netflix I guess for the english translation. Anime youtubers complained about how late the entire show released out here in the west? Considering it is a dub, I find the situation to be quite understandable. Not ideal in a world where people are used to getting their Anime soon after Japan does, but understandable.

Maybe it was the subject of another Sub vs Dub war.


Little Witch Academia... Just watched the first two episodes on Netflix.

What a nice anime series, so far. Animation's nice. Protagonist gives appropiate "oof" moments from what I was expecting.

May Atsuko get good fortune. She probably does. (Please, if you are inclined to comment to me, please don't spoil me. Maybe hint. Maybe.)

Wait... Magic is outdated in this world... That doesn't make sense, Wikipedia... IT CAN HEAL TREES. the fault of that popular lass who kept it a family secret. your fault.


I literally made this just to say... Apparently some Minecraft modpacks include a universal chat function???????

I was just playing FTB Academy, which included MineTogether, the relevant mod. I think I enabled its functionality to see the server listing?

Anyways, I was playing my singleplayer world, when somebody spoke to... presumably me, mistaking me for someone else.

I immediately questioned if it was just some bit of flavour to the modpack, being a beginners modpack and all. But no, real person.

I didn't respond... Just quit the game and shut down the chat function... The heck? I just wanted a server listing... Not to be spooked a day later wondering how someone managed to join my SINGLEPLAYER, NON-LAN WORLD.

Thanks, CreeperHost. Thanks, I guess.

Anyways, maybe I might include modpack reviews or something? I dunno, this strikes me as a good thing to add.