Note: These come directly from a text file, and, with exception to Chapter 1, are my live reactions, growing as I got into the groove. No images are currently provided. As thus, vital context from the games will be missing. There is at least an indication as to which chapter I am currently in, however.

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Chapter 1: Was Sayaka legitimate in her (probable) love of Makoto? After all, if I remember correctly, her smile was established as possibly a neutral expression before the DVDs even appeared. Evidence for: Her death message, according to Kyoko. Sayaka was VERY open to someone she just met. Evidence against: see first line. Why is Monokuma so aggressive in his murder campaign? He promised not to interfere, but it took 3 days before he introduced a possible motive, the DVDs. What even happened in those, anyways? How did Monokuma, at minimum, kidnap everyone involved? Especially since at least one potential group of victims is a bikie gang (possibly Yakuza in the Japanese release.) It is incredibly obvious there is more than one Monokuma. There is a mastermind, but the only reason I know of this is because of the wiki. I am unable to forget it, too. Why is Kyoko the one to effectively lead the plot? The only reason why Makoto was even needed in the trial is because HE had the evidence. Chapter 2: The rich guy is right, given Monokuma's own actions. Also, TWO MANLY MEN SIT INFRONT OF A SAUNA FIRE. TO TEST THEIR ENDURANCE. BECAUSE OF A DISAGREEMENT. WTF?!?!?!?!?! THEY DO THIS FOR OVER AN HOUR. FRIENDSHIP BY FIRE! CHIHIRO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAS BEING BIOLOGICALLY (UNSURE ABOUT IDENTITY) MALE THAT BAD? hifumi has 50 restraining orders. that is fact, and genocide jack is one of those who applied. i mean, toko did, but she's also genocide jack. Oh no, the Deep State is here. In Danganrompa. And Monokuma is part of it. (partial jokes.) Oh, Byakuya is privy to the Deep State. You know, the conspiracy that is only real in Danganrompa? The one that... Uhhh... Chihiro, why did you stay away? You pass extremely well. Is it because you fear being yanked outta the closet? We can miss truth bullets? Oops. Good thing I am on the easiest difficulty, where I have 20 minutes WITH A TIME EXTENSION. There's a white noise mechanic, but I miss it? Wow I need to play on a higher difficulty. HOW DID YOU IMPORT THOSE SCISSORS? HOW? BREASTS? I don't think Hifumi will be happy with the analysis. Also, isn't that necrophillia? Anything that resembles girl, I suppose... Oh, he objects before discovering they're biologically male. Either trans deconfirm (this is a japanese property, after all), or Monokuma is just being a sexist pig again. Add transphobia to the pile, I suppose. I am also dumb, needing a guide WITH the lowest difficulty. Maybe because I don't wanna mess up. Oh, and now there is another element I miss in gentle difficulty. Transness... potentially reconfirmed?!?!?!?!? Not via Gender Dysphoria, no. Via inferiority complex. ouch. Sakura IS AN EXAMPLE of why that shouldn't matter. SWOLE woman. Oh, and Mondo had the opposite reasoning, but same sort of complex. Strength, instead of weakness. He's weak, but presents as strong. HUMAN BUTTER? WTF? 16th student? Not Genocide Jack? For all I know, it's Niko. Chapter 3: Chihiro is now a computer program. On a laptop without a charger. Well, Chihiro is kinda alive, so that's cool. Also, Hifumi is a creep. Isn't that already obvious? HIFUMI IS A CREEP! NOT JUST TO ANIME. CHRIST, MONOKUMA, STOP EXCITING HIM. MAKOTO, WHAT THE CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT. MONOKUMA, WHAT THE HELL? jesus this bathhouse idea is so poor monokuma is already manipulating for information. can't he go in himself? this is so serious, the deadly life music is playing. you know, what plays when an investigation into a murder is occuring. a bunch of men going into a bathhouse full of women is equivilent to a murder in intensity. please no. please no. don't do this, makoto. The World Machine? From OneShot? Can I get some aid, please? I seem to be missing an exit prompt. Can you glitch one up for me? please eviserate us, lassies. makoto and co. deserve it. (EDIT FOR WEBSITE VERSION: No, when I actually bother to format everything when I'm done, I will not add the relevant CG. I'm all for fanservice, but wow do I not like that scene at all. Maybe that is the point.) well, monokuma give, monokuma takes. Kyoko, please do not state Alter Ego's name outside the bathhouse. uhh... What does cash have to do with anything, Monokuma? Why is that the gift, when money is useless? But everyone's too optimistic about the "not killing for money" thing. People killed for FAR LESS. Hifumi. Hifumi. Hifumi Hifumi Hifumi. Why? Why? Chihiro is precious. He didn't deserve the pressure. Why perform the sexual on the only thing left of him? Aoi is... interesting... Stripping down, in what is technically a public area... Well, someone's confident in themselves. Also, we're about to lose Alter Ego, aren't we? Oh, and now Taka worries that Alter Ego hates Mondo and himself. (Actually, he worries about Chihiro.) What. It replicated Mondo? To help Taka? Nice. Oh christ he gained Sakura's DBZ powers. OH GOD HE IS SUPER TAKA OH GOD OH GOD TOO MUCH HAM TOO MUCH HAM! SUPER TAKA IS HAMMING IT UP. I REPEAT, SUPER TAKA IS HAMMING IT UP. THIS REQUIRES THE CHAOS EMERALDS. HIFUMI, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? YOU ANGERED KYOKO. FREAKIN' KYOKO. SHE'S UNFLAPPABLE. CHRIST. IT WAS LUCKY HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING FURTHER. CHIHIRO. PLEASE ACTUALLY BE A GHOST. Hifumi... Hifumi... It's kinda reasonable, given how chatbots can perform this function, but still. Wait, Alter Ego liked Hifumi? At least at first... huh. Am I feeling... sorry for Hifumi? Wow, you managed to make his ONE CHARACTER TRAIT humanised. Somehow. Liking keyboards is not unusal, Hina. Oh no, Super Taka is here. We need Chaos Emeralds, maybe Dragon Balls, stat. Aoi, you believe in ghosts? Is our only hope Hifumi? Is Super Taka seriously challenging him? Oh, Sakura and Kyoko have aided in the fight. To end it with words and threats. Oh, during Hina's last Free Time scene, there's a part where she describes her experience with doughnuts. Her godly experiences. All while "OH NOES! AN EMERGENCY!" music plays because she was tired eariler from doing... 1000 reps of 4 seperate exercises. Huh, Sakura trains because she believes she is a solider of heaven or something. Also, because she wants to be the strongest on Earth. Makoto, remember Sayaka? She tried to murder by inviting someone. Also, dining hall. Risky at the night. Oh, Kyoko wanted us to know Alter Ego is gone. So, class trial for Alter Ego, and as thus Chihiro again? Possible spy? Oh no. Someone murdered for 10 millions buckaroos? 100 million yen? Not surprising. (WEBSITE EDIT: I am presuming the localisation performed the division already.) Celeste? Not dead? Huh? Injured, sure, but, that was unexpected. Almost died. Hifumi is the obvious first suspect in this near-murder. As thus, he was framed. Oh, Hifumi was there. But not the suspicious man. That explains the hammer. Oh, Hifumi was kidnapped, and likely MYYYYUUUUUUDDDDDDDDEEERRRRRRRREEEDDD. Someone in cosplay? Huh? Wait, Hifumi is alive? But likely not for long. Good riddance. MONOKUMA WE ARE HAVING A SERIOUS DISCUSSION ABOUT ROBOT JUSTICE. Who can treat Hifumi, though? Not like there's a nurse or anything. Genocide Jill... Seriously? Oh, Hifumi is dead. Once again, good riddance. I say good riddance, but... Super Toko too? We didn't need chaos emeralds... Now Hifumi's corpse has disappeared. Someone's smart... and strong. Sakura? Impossible, I think, but... Makoto, in love with Kyoko? Well, she IS the protagonist of Case 1. The repository was locked. Of course they were in there. I was trying to find a key. Wait, what? Hifumi is alive again? The heck? And there was a "This is real life" segment too. And then died again. Wow is Hifumi flip-flopping today. Wait, why was I expected to attempt to exit even though I was told I couldn't? And then I found everything. And then Hiro was trapped in Robo Justice. Jammed in a locker. Something tells me it isn't him. Not intentionally, at least. At worst, like Timmy in the A Hat in Time Danganrompa mod (its first trial, anyways.) Explaination for above: Timmy tripped on the victim, a literal jar (Formerly the first boss in vanilla AHiT.). He was punished by the Monokuma equivilant anyways. Hina can't see her feet in costume... Actually, wait, yeah, no need for breast size comments, when we are talking about not being able to bend to see them anyways. Nobody else, based on a sample size of two? Oh, Makoto tried, and failed. That's around half of the alive students at this point. Ok. Hiro is still not the murderer. Hiro thinks Alter Ego did it? The laptop with NOTHING TO ASSIST IN MURDERISING? Makoto, please be more assertive. Even if it means no Kyoko. Which would be a net negative, yes, but... Socks. Scandalous. I sucked at the first question. I picked everyone. Including the illuminati. Because I was led to believe Hiro wasn't it. More mechanics I am missing because I play on Gentle. wow. Reloading, too. Soon, we would have an FPS/Rythm Game. Just need to remove auto-aim, and add level. Not that I am good at the absorption bits. How could Hifumi's pants be a victim? Apart from carrying his hugmongous girth? Yes, Alter Ego is a seperate entity from Chihiro... But, it is still based on him. Why is the "she" pronoun used? Celeste has... an unusual dream. Why are the men's eyes all red? Byakuya is there, too? What? Kyoko's body... was altered by Monokuma? Of course Makoto would be worried about what Kyoko is doing. Kyoko is the protagonist. Makoto is just the person we hear the thoughts of, and control/guide. I would prefer OneShot's assertion, where the player merely guides the player character. (WEBSITE EDIT: I feel I may remove the OneShot portion of this text.) Makoto died. Probably not, this isn't v3 yet. Yep, concussion. Sakura is fighting Monokuma? And doing well? Monokuma is holding back, I think. Also, bad idea. Also, Sans joke. Wait, Sakura could be the spy? Chapter 4: Hina is LEARNING. She realises now that murder is inevitable. They drew the hamburger abduction scene. They voice acted Yasuhiro talking about it. As thus, Hamburger abductions must be important. Chapter title: Spoiler alert, Hina dies. Kyoko, the biological difference between sexes is not all that significant when it comes to dealing with blows. BUT THOU MUST NOT REVEAL SAKURA. THANKS, MAKOTO. YOU COULD'VE GIVEN TESTIMONY. Yes, there's no evidence apart from your testimony, but, seriously... This could've launched an investigation. Another picture of dead people, another chance to hear Monokuma's bizzare theme. Monokuma... HOW THE PECK IS MONOKUMA VOCALISING THIS EXPRESSION?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! (WEBSITE EDIT: Starting here, emoticons rarely appear in dialogue, primarily with Monokuma.) Seriously, that is out of place. Not you too, Yasuhiro! DUDE, YOU BECAME A HYPOCRITE. YOU COULD'VE TOLD HER ABOUT SAKURA. SHE'S THE PROTAGONIST. wasn't there something that denies her that role this chapter, though? Wait, Genocide Jill's love for Byakuya spills over into Toko? what the heck. Oh, nice, Alter Ego managed to decrypt the files. Wait, Hope's Peak admin planned to do what Monokuma ended up implementing? Yep, there's a tradgety. And then Monokuma warped things. Oh, the Headmaster may still be here...? Why does that strike me as unlikely? Why do I feel her questioning about Makoto's ease of determining friendship has something to do with HIS MISTAKE OF NOT TALKING ABOUT SAKURA. I think Monokuma knows. crab. Hina has identified what happened, but not the cause (love is not the issue. lack of trust is.) Toko is still defensive. Accusations of... sex. Ok Toko. good ol' Sakura. Violence is not the first resort, though. YOU HAD A CHANCE TO TALK TO KYOKO. YOU DENIED IT. Now both Aoi and Toko accuse Makoto of being horny. This cannot quite be denied, given the forced bath scene. (I still dislike it. I am not sure if that was the point...) I think Sakura knows what's up. Somehow. Two mums? Unusual, at least. Quicker reactions said that's wrong, but I can't judge family setups too hard. I guess Hina exercises enough to somehow not need to care about Calories In = Calories Out. Probably not that's she's currently looking to lose weight, primarily being a... (find term for items such as running and swimming.) I read that as starving ramen at first. wow is hina quick to judge herself. wow does she love doughnuts. wait did hina die. oh no. Actually, that would be bad, but it was expected. Yeah, Sakura has self-esteem issues. Relevant to the fight, I guess. Oh no, Sakur- Byakuya? Welp. Yep, Sakura. You could've told Kyoko about the fight. Too bad Free Time doesn't count, I think. Sakura would. There's a hostage. Maybe Hina. Time for a class trial, Makoto. Yeah, Kyoko is right on the money. She's the protagonist, after all. Welp. Hina vs Byakuya. They're evenly matched, I say. I agree, Hina. And now Hina has a motive to commit MMMMYYYYYYYUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRDDDDEEERRRRR. And then Free Time happens. Hiro hates the occult? Uhhh... What does he define as "occult?" Because he clearly has some occult influences in his 'work.' Angels? Seriously? crab. DINING HALL?!?!?! MURDER? Oh, Genocide Jill nicked Hina. Because pepper fell. And Jill hates Hina because boobs. Wow is Sakura overreacting, but I think I understand. Massive amounts of stress, and also Hina is her best friend, given their shared interest in exercise. Now we have to talk to Kyoko. Let's do everything else. oh, look, a trash can. ew. blood. a camera. interesting. monokuma hates privacy. except in the bath. dunno why, inconsistent and seems to only serve the alter ego plotline. Welp, there's nothing else, time to go talk to Kyoko, and hope Makoto doesn't hide anything again. Actually, wait, Kyoko makes sense, he wanted to make sure with Sakura. That could be a reason, even if none of Makoto's visible thoughts indicated this. Kyoko still dislikes it. But still, oh no. Going somewhere with Kyoko, who may or may not currently dislike Makoto... and is the ultimate detective. Spoilers? probably not, its kinda obvious. Because she is the protagonist. Huh... Alter Ego? Probably wants to talk with people again. They do inherit Chihiro's general personality, and while introverted, still does seem to desire socialisation to an extent. Oh, they want internet access. Makes sense, given their assigned task. "Friend..." Why did I not expect her to say that word, given she used it before... Wait, the context is entirely different. It feels like a Makoto line. At least we have a semi-safe place to connect to the internet. ... How can Alter Ego feel that? Acting...? How sweet, Makoto. How sweet. Huh? What a bizarre conversation. Is this some form of love? Is Kyoko the canonical love interest? Makes sense, she's the protagonist. No free time today, huh? What ailed Hina? Sakura... please no. This WAS inevitable, I guess. I must be wrong about Hina's death. Yep, it was Sakura. What a misleading chapter image. Hina... MONOKUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously man, yes Hina is being overassertive here, but she always is when angry. How is this a surprise. Wait, we lose the protagonist AGAIN? Kyoko is just listing off the 4 types of locked room murders. I'll transcribe below: (insert transcription here) So... Hina's suspects were called to the rec room by Sakura? Even Byakuya? I find that hard to believe. So Kyoko is conferring protagonist status onto Makoto, I guess... By doing what he already does, I guess. Hiro claims he got the note Sakura gave in person, huh... Why does Hiro have the candy wrapper? Only Hina and Sakura should have ANY. Why weren't the footprints added to the truth bullets section until I investigated the middle? Kyoko is talking about the chess pieces that are with the Monokuma figures, correct? So the pieces are unlikely to come from a bottle from the rec room? (They're heavier all up) Shoe powder... matches chem room powder... Did Sakura spill poison? Did she commit suicide? Wait, the bottles? This doesn't make sense... Did Byakuya do his "This is boring" thing again? Especially if she received two blows to the head... It likely isn't suicide. Let's review the bottles: The remains are heavier than an intact one. Out of all the Monokuma bottles, including the used one, the only chess piece not represented is the Queen. As well, the right-most one has no additional lighting, while the others have a white circle of some description. The used bottle had a Knight in it. There seems to be nothing added to the used bottle. Was it also possible some blood was added to Sakura's face? To confuse? Or maybe the blows were post-hoc. The poison would've likely been enough, given it was added to the protein shake. But the powder spillage only occured afterwards, it is believed. And Sakura had powder on their shoe... But the Monokuma files are accurate. So there is some disprcency that needs to be solved. I doubt an upside down swimsuit mag could solve that, but it is evidence. It has... Toko written on it? This adds suspicion towards her. But she faints at the sight of blood, and Genocide Jill would not use that name... Or murder as happened here. During Trial prep.: Sakura's hands were clean. This means this is a red herring. Since this is gentle, it'll never pop up. During the Trial itself: WAIT THE QUEEN BOTTLE REMAINS MUST BE WITH THE KNIGHT REMAINS. Oh, that's the final bit of evidence. Maybe the class trial will clear things up. How is Monokuma presenting these emoticons? I don't know either. He PRONOUNCED EMOTICONS. I don't do live trial commentary, but I managed to solve an absorption puzzle. Gentle makes it obvious that I need to do that, though. And I don't gotta shoot garbage. HE ADMITS IT. Wow that is unusual. Between not using Sakura's finger and Hiding the message, both are reasonable areas of complaint. Bowling Acficinados? Seriously Makoto? That's a choice? Oh, I'm temporarily on MEAN difficulty. ok. Does that also affect garbage? (WEBSITE EDIT: no.) Half-way through the game? oh right it was the rythm game. no garbage here. Hyperrealistic Sakura Blood. HINA!?!?!?!?!? You killed Sakura? Wait, no, locked room, right. She won't explain. Kyoko knows what you don't know because SHE'S THE PROTAGONIST. And a detective. The Ultimate Detective, likely backed up by CANON. Sakura was suicidal? Makes sense. Wait, Monokuma is the one giving tutorials? What? Also, Sakura died to get out of the mastermind's contract. And to save her Dojo, and wrote the note to explain and end the trial quickly. TOO BAD MONOKUMA INTERFERES WITH EVERYTHING UP UNTIL ACTUALLY MURDERING PEOPLE. The dink. Is Byayuka commiting suicide... because he's bored with the killing game. what a dink. Doling out the punishment, despite the punishee being dead, and he specifically prepared a dummy or something? ALTER EGO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait, isn't he required to save... that's spoilers, which I did to myself. I am publishing these notes eventually, so I best not spoil. First raw, then not. If this sentence is there, these are my RAW thoughts. Chapter 1... afterwards, though. I got into the Let's Play thing later on, though I had the idea. I have over 10000 screenshots. Oh, and Sakura knew something. Byakuya, you never were the protag. Kyoko? How'd you get in Makoto's room? Unlocked, huh? Also, Kyoko, what's so important? Why are you trusting Makoto again? The data centre is important? Is Kyoko... lying? Why isn't she here? Wait... is this a... decoy? Mukuro Ikusaba? Who? Is this a anagram? Going to need to investigate. Presumably all I need is Hiragana to deal with this. Wait, they're the 16th student? They're the ULTIMATE DESPAIR? SHE? This new student is even accounted for in the "SURVIVING STUDENTS" screen.