Let's Play the Danganrompa series!

"Thrills, Chills, Kills!" -Monokuma, Soundbyte.

Content Warnings: Murder, Sexual Themes, Mentions of Nudity, Suicide, Trauma

Hello there! This is a semi-blind playthrough of the Danganrompa series of videogames.

What is Danganrompa? It is a series of visual novels/point and click adventures that follows in the likes of Ace Attorney, which means collecting evidence on murders and using that and the input of others to determine the truth. To be more specific, Danganrompa, at least in the first game, is about a bunch of talented students being accepted to some prestigious school. It turns out to be a front for some murderous teddy bear. Now they're trapped, and the only way out... is to KILL a fellow student, and not get caught.

Semi-blind playthrough? Yes. For future reference, I already know what happens in the Trigger Happy Havoc's first trial, and half of v3's first trial, including its twist, and aware of the result. Also saw part of v3's final trial. Not enough to know critical details about the end-game. As well, I am a silly person and use guides quite liberally. I still do try to do class trials on my own, but not Free Time.

What inspired this? Why do a Let's Play? I was inspired by seeing the first trial of Trigger Happy Havoc, which was thrilling. That video had Ace Attorney music, too. The Let's Play is to give the writing section more of a purpose, I'll admit. Plus probably the Let's Play Archive is an inspiration, and as thus Something Awful.

All games are played on PC.

Trigger Happy Havoc!

The very first game in the series. What inspired me to get into the series.

Played on the lowest difficulty settings, due to my unfamilarity with this genre.

While I am not currently finished with the game, an incomplete and mostly unformatted/contextless set of notes can be found here.